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Under The Copper Tree is written by yours truly, (Rochelle) with an occasional post from the boy  (M).  I split my time between the NY/NJ area and the Capital Region, as evidenced by the posts. I have been a full fledged Upstater since 2010, but I still try to hit up the NY/NJ metro area when I can. I write about eating out, my attempts at cooking, and anything that deals with food.

Picture and Video Info

Photography and video on the site is done by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. I have my phone on me at all times, so that's my photographing and videoing standard. If I have time (and remember to bring it or am not feeling shy about using it), I use my Pentax that I got for a birthday. Although I would really like my dad's 7D...

Blog name

I started blogging back in 2005 with another name, Ang Sarap! It was your basic college kid ramblings on cooking and eating adventures. I switched over to the current name in 2008 and haven't looked back since... although I kind of wish I hadn't given up on my original name because someone snatched it up and isn't doing anything with it. Shame.

Under the Copper Tree is a reference to one of the restaurants in Rockland County, Kiko House in Pearl River, NY. Japanese. And as it so happens, there is a tree made of copper pipes. And I think they are actually functional. It stands next to a small indoor koi pond and a waterfall, if I'm remembering correctly. I would dine there with my friend and frequent dining partner S. We went for my birthday, and then his birthday, each time enjoying the loveliness of metallic arbor, and some wicked Mai Tai's.

If you're in the area, check it out. While there, order their Mai Tai. And maybe some food as well.