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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Random Saturday Morning Post

I was thinking this morning the start date of my COVID-19 isolation life. The weekend of March 14th was when the thought of staying home and self distancing was more palpable than before. I had picked up some food that Friday after work because the plan was to stay home and see what happens. But then the water heater broke and needed to be repaired immediately. So a trip to the home improvement store and a quick trip for groceries for the week.

I started working from home March 17th, and aside from the weekly grocery run I have been in the house ever since. I'm lucky I have the ability to work from home, not all nurses do. I suppose I am a not too essential, essential worker. M on the other hand, is still going into work. He plays a role with the testing, so it's easier to fix problems on site than virtually.

As for school, spring break was extended to two weeks as they waited for guidance and how to finish the semester. My classes went virtual, and my thoughts on this may differ from my classmates and perhaps my teachers - but I like it. It fits my life better, and my preferred choice of learning while maintaining a full time job. As for the hands on parts of my classes, the virtual is hard. Sure teachers can do video demos, but it's not the same as it was in the kitchen. I have been cooking at home, remaking the things I made in class, or videos I've watched. It's okay, but not. Summer classes start soon, and I am taking two. Once was already an online class, the other became an online version since the school has decided to continue virtual learning through the summer. And because of that, I can take the class because otherwise it would be during the day when I'm working. Who knows what will happen for the fall. I am signed up for Commercial Baking, Garde Manger and Classical Cuisine. 

Who knows.

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss the interactions of old. Trivia is now virtual, and while it is nice to catch up with people... not the same over the internets. Last week I baked up cookies and dropped them off with friends and neighbors. Most I left on mailboxes or porches. One stop, my friend just happened to be outside so we got to catch up. Had a drink or more. Enjoyed the warm sunny day. Enjoyed the company. Socially distanced. As nice as it was, when will that happen again? We are slowly starting to open to open up, but how will it be on the other side? Working in the OR I was used to wearing a mask all day. Now I wear a mask for longer than an hour and I feel like I'm suffocating. I will still wear them, but I am unsure of this new normal.

Maybe none of this makes sense. But I have been cooped up for two months and I may be feeling the strain. And this venting post was slightly therapeutic.

Time for some video games. Because I play them more now. Less Netflix, more Don't Starve Together. I don't play Animal Kingdom, I don't need an additional time suck.

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