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Thursday, February 05, 2009

COB (Cheese on Bottom) Pizza

I readily admit that the picture does not do the pizza justice. For those of you in the Troy area, you might be familiar with Red Front's famous COB style pizza. Before I stepped foot in restaurant, I didn't even know it existed. M and I just happened to drive by Red Front one night and we decided to have dinner there.

This. pizza. love. so. much.

We haven't been back since, but when Superbowl Sunday rolled around, M wanted to try and make his own. It's very simple, really: dough, sauce, and cheese. But to make it similar to the Red Front style, you need the right kind of dough (it should be chewy on the inside, crisp on the outside), and the right sauce (something on the sweet side).

This version? Almost there. Is the COB pizza really cheesy? I don't remember, nor do I remember what cheese was used. M layered on Provolone, which turned out yummy. The sauce he used was a Marinara sauce, but it was missing that sweetness that should be there. The dough was chewy, but not as crispy as it should be.


Matt said...

both those pictures scare me...

Lilimonster said...

As scary as it may look (what do you expect from a cell phone?), it was mighty tasty.

And according to M, it was pretty good reheated.

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